Circuits with PIC micro's & analog IC's


Make high-quality double-sided PCBs – at home

Why make your own printed circuit boards when you can get them commercially made for low cost? For one, it can take one to four weeks to receive the boards. For prototyping, this can be a major hurdle. Each design iteration will then take a month or more, and a project may need many months to get done. The DIYer can fab the board and assemble everything in one evening. That advantage is really hard to beat.Click here for more info

Your Guide to Home PCB Fabrication.
With a few ordinary household supplies (and ferric chloride) you can make your own custom pcb. Having a pcb to work with instead of a breadboard not only makes the design look cleaner, but it also makes troubleshooting far simpler than if you had to dig through a Medusa-like maze of wires to test a voltage. While kits can be purchased to accomplish the same task using UV transfer sheets and motorized agitators, these kits can cost a significant chunk of change-- often several hundred dollars at the cheapest.
If you want to buy a professional PCB board with your own design you can order it here:
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PCB Trace Width- internal

External PCB Trace Max Current

Input/Output Multiplexing. Example – Six LEDs on three I/O pins


Reading DIP switches

 4x4 Keyboard with 1 Input



 Make your own PCB board easy